What is mutual aid?

Mutual aid is about neighbors helping neighbors—this is something that functioning communities do, not just in times of crisis but at all times. We believe mutual aid is an ongoing commitment which must go beyond the present crisis.

We believe in “solidarity, not charity“, and seek to tear down hierarchies between “donors” and “recipients”. Concretely, this means that we don’t blame poor people for poverty, and don’t place conditions like sobriety on people looking to access aid. We invite everyone to our solidarity meals, and seek to build community between people who “need” the meals and people who can pitch in a few extra dollars this week to help us to buy ingredients.

We believe that police abolition work is part of mutual aid. Building alternatives to policing helps us keep all members of the community safe without state violence. For instance, see this list of concrete alternatives to policing from Solidarity and Defense.

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